My writing


I know my writing is good,but I need to make it better. Not only blogs and articles matter, my novel does too. I’ve named that little baby The Zoras. Yes, its an fiction-alien based one. The protagonists are Julie,Steve,Mark,Susie,Joe and Jane. They work under Julie’s father who is a Scientist and a space researcher riddled in into one. He finds out that his latest research, The Zoras are evil and wanted to destroy the world. However , they have a big secret through which they can succeed. Julie’s father finds out the big Secret and wanted to pass it on to his team,that is the 6 kids but gets killed before doing so. Julie’s heartbroken and enraged and wanted to seek revenge. Mysterious killings happen around her and suprisingly, she is there to witness it all. Can she connect the dots and the killings and unfold the secret ? Find out in the novel the Zoras.


                                                                           There . I have just advertised it even before I completed it. The plot may seem silly at first because I hadn’t explained the whole thing. As I said in the previous post , I am planning to put it on WordPress after I complete it. But for that I NEED to complete it. I know. Will you give me suggestions on whether or not to put it on Word-press after I finish ? Waiting and wanting to hear from you ,

Poojitha ( comments in the comment box)