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I don’t care if I am not a regular blogger.I don’t care that my mom is shouting her head off right now for surfing for so long. I am a blogger. I have my readers (who are very good ones , comparitively. better than me. Whoa!). . I am a perky writer,sometimes I write,sometimes I don’t. But my dear readers, you haven’t got rid of me just yet. I don’t care if I get a hundred likes or not, but what I do care is that some kind people continue to inspire and motivate me by following me to continue my pathetic writing and I do care that those people aren’t disappointed.


I will admit something in this blog : It would have been the happiest movement in my life if I had at least got 1 single like for my first sequel to the Zoras. I am not trying to be sympathetic or anything. It’s just that I am so obesessed with this publishing site. I have read some great writing works in my life before, and I know how a great one  will look. The thing is, I didn’t think it was that bad that it didn’t even managed to get one like.( Don’t worry, I am not going to brood over the same thing to get you bored. This is just a catch-up article,topics will keep changing).


My friend says it should have been more detailed. Maybe.Maybe not. I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. The next time I experiment something like this, I’ll make sure its good.


Coming back, pals,don’t you guys think 2014 is running away from us? Every year feels the same whatsoever , but I feel our life’s pace had picked up.Do this , do that , this , that , this,  that and poof!  the day is over. I’m getting sick of it. That’s why I’ve taken word press to be my refuge. Listening to thousand years by Christina Perri from the movie  Twilight and writing this  ( I’ve died everyday waiting for you………. oh !!!! the song is very cool )

I somehow feel better . Old songs kinda perform the magic on us that nothing else can do, no?

I think I mentioned I was going through my mid-terms in my last post , well, believe me or not , it’s my second mid term now . And my friendship status with S ,  uh-uh, remains the same .I do care if she talks to me or not. It MATTERS to me. Don’t ask why. It just does. Thank god , I still maintain my Wordsmith nickname scoring 37 out of a possible 40.

Readers , would you please do me a awesome favor ?.( i think am going to replay the song ) Tell me , please , if there’s anything wrong with my posts or The Zoras. By that way I could improve , you know. Please comment if there’s anything pleasant but please ( double please ) comment if you have something oh-not-so-pleasant . I would love to hear from you ( wait. I think I copied it from somewhere . Never mind )

My mom’s gonna kill me if I am not shutting off the internet right now . So see ya later. Let me know if my post had spread a smile on your’s face , it would make my day. Bye !
























What? Its been two months or three ? or ages, probab ?. Why are you looking at me like that? . Am I following someone named Poojitha ? there’s been a mistake . No, no mistake.Not really. Well,school started and exams ( those things started too), and I fighting my guilty consiousness by saying that I am blogging because it improves my english and I am really contributing for my next exam ( duh. do you even read that subject ?). I am in eighth grade right now and the teachers have already started boasting about how tough ninth and tenth is gonna be, yadda , yadda, yadda. Its really started to annoy me tough and scare me from the inside. I haven’t even started THINKING about I am going to do after school, and there they go, its gonna be really tough, we”ll hardly score you,enjoy you time in eighth grade,cause you are not even going to have time to breathe.

Yes, its gonna be hard . Not.

Last year it was fun tough. Nobody said a word about the next year and the future which came afterwards! (thats unfair) last year , we remained KIDS , being all childish , NEVER EVER touching the textbooks until the day before the exam but still getting full marks ( after negotiating with teachers until they had no choice but to agree in the end). I tought the days would never run away from me , seventh would always stay with me. I know I am being silly , but come on ! everyday held in store memories for me . We were close knit all girl group of 5.

Soon it the half-yearly exam . Ok , we still have a full half year to go. AND, the quart-yearly exam , . We still had 50 days to go. Soon it became 10 days . 5 . 3 . 1 . and then the annual exam , ( where we at least use to sneak out of our respective examination halls just for the sake of seeing each other ).Soon came the holidays . I could never imagine why I longed for my holidays to come when I was at school in seventh. looking back, the laughter and the teasing rings in my head , picture flashes of fights which didn’t even last a day long.

Soon it was all over . Eighth grade. Different classes. Tight schedules. Competitions. but thats the glory of middle school,they say,every year , you get new pals , that’s the beauty of it. I couldn’t agree less. I mean, yes, every year I had a different favourite friend , they keep changing. But seventh was special. I didn’t hang out with a cooler gang before. All the fun , the dumb charades during lunch, nicknaming our sports teachers, sleeping during physics period , our class teacher , who was super-cool and most of all…us.The friendship. Hugs. I couldn’t get any this year.

To top it all,we had a fight. I mean, I had a fight with all of them. For a silly reason tough. The thing is , I used to sit with our all-rounder ,gaaaaaang leader , S . during ALL yoga periods. And this year , she didn’t save me a seat on our first yoga period of the year. We used to fight over silly things like these. But we use to cry, lots of sorrys and we will join back together. So I sat in the last row, not having any one to speak to.

But when she looked back at me , I didnt look at her. That was the biggest mistake. I could feel her eyes on me , but I pretended. She waited for me to turn , like for 20 seconds , I was a little annoyed , I mean, I used to save HER a seat almost all throught the last year , and she didn’t even return the favour ONCE. Not a very big mistake. And then she turned . I kept on looking at her back, this time determined to smile at her , even when she ACCIDENTLY turned. But she never did. Not even once. Tears streaming in my eyes, I went to apologize to her near our closed cs lab( our daily meeting place ) but she pretended I didn’t exist. Others tried to act normally tough , chatting about teachers and exams but I was very much worried inside , I was scared we would all drift apart. The last thing I would ever want in my whole life.

AND then it happened. Usually , I would be dying for my sports period, where we would all meet and well….old times. But it never happened. I tought we would play shuttle , and everything would come back to normal.Boy, I was wrong. She never came to me and I never went to her. Our fight , however silly or serious it was , would never last more than 2 days. But it is over a week now. I look longingly at them, to be a part of the gang , which is where I actually belonged and felt like home. Others talk normally to me but I feel separated. The main purpose why I am writing this is , after posting it on wordpress I am going to post i on google+ too. In case she stumbles on my post and happens to read.I guess the more mature we become, more ego we devolop.If only I had looked at her and made a face. Everything would have come back to normal.

In case if you read this post , S. I am still waiting for you.

And yes dear readers, who so very well write better post than me, my novel is done and ready. Thats a very big tick on my hols resolution chart.So you can expect the next post to be the start of the serial.