this small piece of writing is about a silly hope. Holidays just started and as usual, I have nothing to do. I don’t even care to scum up a pic about this. Its not even a proper article. Yes, like I was saying, hols started and I turned for wordpress to keep me from falling into the big pool of boredom. I went through all the Freshly Pressed articles, wishing like hell I could place my article here. But I couldn’t. I think my article isn’t good enough. I was solving this idiotic Rubik’s Cube ( Completed two faces and moving on to the third one right now ) sitting in front of “blogs I follow” ( articles which I have read at least a thousand times ) knowing nothing I could do except solve this puzzle.My eyes went to the screen in a reflux which scared me. There was a hint of orange in the WordPress’s totally blue theme. My heartbeat started increasing when I thought they had selected me for Freshly Pressed. My palms started sweating when I went to click on the small comment box on the right-hand corner of the screen . I really HOPED they had selected me for Freshly Pressed( although the last article I had written was the Dwaraka: A Case Study ) . The mouse pointer moved in slow motion to the sunlight orange comment box . I slowly clicked it ………. Rubik’s cube totally forgotten ………


and alas, it was just someone following me, ( well, its not really JUST after all, I value my readers a lot, but still ) . I was not heartbroken or anything , it is just……… well, I couldn’t say, I WAS A LITTLE DISAPPOINTED. But I could totally make it into the Freshly Pressed if I tried hard enough, and I definetly WILL try hard enough. Back to the Rubik’s Cube ( I screwed up everything, gotta start from scratch).