Holiday resolutions to keep ‘busy’ during hols


They gave me  2 months of full,satisfied,un-interrupted holidays ( 58 days to be exact.Whoa) and I don’t think I am gonna waste it. I thought of some hols resolutions to keep me busy throughout. .Here are those resolutions ( they MAY seem very silly, but read on)  :

  1. Completing Rubik’s Cube :


Well, this may seem easy at first , but once you collapse it all up, you will get collapsed before you re-assemble it properly. I am not kidding.They have notations to solve this thing . NOTATIONS!. Like I don’t have enough maths in my life to worry about. But you know what ? That’s WHAT MAKES IT MORE INTERESTING. I may sound like a geek , but WHO cares? You will go NUTS if it doesn’t turn up. If it doesn’t come your way.The sole reason why I am interested is I entered in a challenge. Well, its not a proper challenge. Its a local one between my friends. The challenge is to complete the Rubik’s Cube ENTIRELY before hols ends. It resembles maths a lot. Once you do a move wrong, I mind you, ONCE and it screws up. The whole thing screws up.Like maths. You start doing a very long sum( a 5 mark question ) and you’re anxious, you need the answer correct AND in the middle you make a silly mistake like you can’t understand your own scribbling and you end up writing 3 instaed of 8. lo and behold, there goes your 5 marks. like THAT. You know what I mean. That’s why I am head over heals to finish it . That too, BEFORE hols ends AND I the worst at maths.( well , it adds to my interest)

2.  Complete all holiday projects :

Yes,this is not a resolution really, its not like I can get out without finishing it. Moreover, they will have my head if I don’t complete it on time. But still,it goes on this list because its one of the things to do  during holidays.

3.Finish my novel:

You read that right. Yes, I am working on a novel. Its a fiction-alien based one. Its not my first one either,but its the best one I’ve ever written(er..writing). I have a group of bored peers who I am giving my novel to read during the free classes. That’s not the reason why I am urging to finish.I have a idea to put it on Word-press after I complete it. You know, part by part . Its like a serial. First chapter in a article. Second chapter in another. Like that. The thing is, I don’t know whether it will sell. Well, word-press is supposed to publish articles. Nobody has published a novel in it before. Or someone might have, but it didn’t sell. Articles are ‘hot’ here. Novels are not. That’s why I am scared to publish . I don’t wan’t to lose the small amount of readers I got. Please give me suggestions on whether or not to publish my novel.   .


Well, that’s that. I have other thing as a ‘resolution’ in my mind. That is to get a lot of sleep. heaps of sleep. ‘Cause next year I will be moving to ninth grade and would only get 2 weeks of sleep. That will NOT be enough. So that’s it. Happy holidays !