Dwaraka – A case study



My hidden historian has triggered me to write something related to Indian history. So , as you can see in the above picture , this is THE CITY OF KRISHNA , DWARAKA. This is an another submerged city , for crying out loud. Submerged or lost or destroyed ancient cities interest me very much ( which is what led me to write my first article on wordpress , ATLANTIS : THE LOST WORLD ) . Myths and legends say that The lord Krishna ( romantic hero in hinduism) had built this city to house his clans , the Yadavas . Dwaraka has an another (nick)name called Dwaravati meaning ” the city of many gates” in sanskrit.   Dwaraka was first mentioned in Mahabharata one of THE most important epics.( seriously , I read through this epic many times but didn’t understand even the word of it. Ramayana (another epic) is much easier ) . It is , sorry was , located in the district of Jamnagar in the Indian state , Gujarat. If you’re planning on travelling ( to ancient places) this is the best place .” What is special about this city ? ” you might ask. Well , it simply lies in the fact that Dwaraka , built by our Krishna , was built on a submerged island. It is a city which even modern technology cannot build because it’s houses were as tall as skyscrapers and was discribed in the Harivamsa Purana as ” high buildings made in gold which almost touched the sky ” . It is the one of the richest cities in the world , and probably the only city where its houses were studded with gems ImageImage

( believe me , India IS very rich ). Harivamsa Purana goes on stating that ” it was the former sporting ground of king Ravitaka ” and that” Dwaraka was shaped like a chess board” . Dwaraka was submerged and never got up again . Many underwater explorations and artifacts reveal that Dwaraka was indeed a magnificient  city which existed when the Mahabharata war took place and was later submerged. Some believe that Dwaraka still exists , ruled by lord krishna somewhere unknown to us.