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I don’t care if I am not a regular blogger.I don’t care that my mom is shouting her head off right now for surfing for so long. I am a blogger. I have my readers (who are very good ones , comparitively. better than me. Whoa!). . I am a perky writer,sometimes I write,sometimes I don’t. But my dear readers, you haven’t got rid of me just yet. I don’t care if I get a hundred likes or not, but what I do care is that some kind people continue to inspire and motivate me by following me to continue my pathetic writing and I do care that those people aren’t disappointed.


I will admit something in this blog : It would have been the happiest movement in my life if I had at least got 1 single like for my first sequel to the Zoras. I am not trying to be sympathetic or anything. It’s just that I am so obesessed with this publishing site. I have read some great writing works in my life before, and I know how a great one  will look. The thing is, I didn’t think it was that bad that it didn’t even managed to get one like.( Don’t worry, I am not going to brood over the same thing to get you bored. This is just a catch-up article,topics will keep changing).


My friend says it should have been more detailed. Maybe.Maybe not. I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. The next time I experiment something like this, I’ll make sure its good.


Coming back, pals,don’t you guys think 2014 is running away from us? Every year feels the same whatsoever , but I feel our life’s pace had picked up.Do this , do that , this , that , this,  that and poof!  the day is over. I’m getting sick of it. That’s why I’ve taken word press to be my refuge. Listening to thousand years by Christina Perri from the movie  Twilight and writing this  ( I’ve died everyday waiting for you………. oh !!!! the song is very cool )

I somehow feel better . Old songs kinda perform the magic on us that nothing else can do, no?

I think I mentioned I was going through my mid-terms in my last post , well, believe me or not , it’s my second mid term now . And my friendship status with S ,  uh-uh, remains the same .I do care if she talks to me or not. It MATTERS to me. Don’t ask why. It just does. Thank god , I still maintain my Wordsmith nickname scoring 37 out of a possible 40.

Readers , would you please do me a awesome favor ?.( i think am going to replay the song ) Tell me , please , if there’s anything wrong with my posts or The Zoras. By that way I could improve , you know. Please comment if there’s anything pleasant but please ( double please ) comment if you have something oh-not-so-pleasant . I would love to hear from you ( wait. I think I copied it from somewhere . Never mind )

My mom’s gonna kill me if I am not shutting off the internet right now . So see ya later. Let me know if my post had spread a smile on your’s face , it would make my day. Bye !























Next Stop, Neverland.


Epiphany in the Cacophony


The alarm rang earlier than usual that morning. There was a train to catch.

He boarded the train and took his place in the empty compartment. He was always early. He sat himself down at the window seat and opened up the day’s newspaper. A young man, dressed in a crisply ironed white shirt arrived soon after. Babu had noticed him on the platform. His stark white shirt standing out like a sore thumb against the dull, dusty, paan-stained train station. He sat down beside him, pulled out a folder and looked through it frantically. It was stuffed with documents, the ends of the folder bulging out uncomfortably, like a blouse that’s too tight. He pulled out a bunch of papers and put it on his lap, letting the folder breathe easier as he returned it to his briefcase. He checked his watch several times, shaking his right leg nervously…

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