The zoras – episode 1


2:45 am the clock said . Julie sat up , unable to sleep. She went over to the sofa and sat,pulling her legs towards her and buried her face in them. Since the morning , her stomach was lurching and she can tell something bad is about to happen. Four years ago , she experienced the same feeling , and after a few days her mom was dead. She was ten at that time. She sighed to her knees.

She got up and went over to the window. She scanned the lanes of Albert avenue absent mindedly searching for something that Would comfort her. Something that would tell her thatit’s alright . It’s just your imagination . she felt her free hair and tied it into a knot.

She saw the trees rustle violently in front of her. Her tummy did a back flip.She tightened her grip around the bars of the window so much that her knuckles became white. Like that would lessen her fear of something she didn’t know.Yet.

The trees shook more vigorously this time and she saw a hint of black moving behind the trees. An eerie darkness followed , darkness the likes of which she has never experienced before. Although it was dark the whole time.

Julie quickly grabbed the binoculars that her friend Mark had left behind in the table . Squinting through it, she saw a mass black figure gliding through the trees.

She moved an inch noiselessly to the right to get a closer, better view and gasped.

A black figure with a human body was finding support in a tree. Although Julie decided in the darkness that it is the most less human like figure she had seen in her whole life.

Death black colored skin , white eyebrows and lips with the most tantalizing green eyes was sitting on a tree branch supporting itself on it like a frog. Julie wanted to scream but no sound came out of her mouth. As she stared dumbfounded into the figure in front of her , a chill ran down her spine.

She dropped her line of vision and stared on to the ground. She simply could not resist looking at it anymore. She gulped as a pain stabbed every part of her body which had nothing to do whatsoever with the tiredness and sickness inside of her.

The pain hurt her in a mysterious ,nonchalant way. Julie could feel its eyes boring into her , the cause for her pain. She did not move or look at it. She simply stood there , not daring to move an inch of of her body. stay where you are a voice told her.

The pain was different from all the pains she had experienced before, but there was a strange wanting in her heart for the pain to stay, for it to stay.

For how long she stood there she did not know , but when it glided back into the trees , it seemed suddenly bright to her although it was dark all the time. A feeling of nostalgia surpassed Julie as she stared after the trees for a long time, dazed and shaken .

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