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this is an ergonomic nightmare

It’s been ages since I’ve written, and now that exams are over, I shall once again have more time to write! And be lazy and lie in bed all day. Either/or. A more important reason? cause? for my sudden urge to blog is what probably has been one of the most heart-warming experiences I’ve had in a long time, possibly ever. 

After a satisfyingly unproductive day, I’d headed over to my friend’s place for Games Night. Which is exactly what it sounds like – sitting around playing board games on Wednesday nights. Barely awake, I ended up leaving post-11, looking forward to what would be the first night for a very long time which would entail sleeping until mid-afternoon the next day. 

After a walk to the bus station, which seemed further away than I’d imagined, and a failed attempt to complete some much-needed shopping at Tesco, I caught the…

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