Long Journey Short


Epiphany in the Cacophony


When he got the job he was elated. He sent a telegram to his village, ‘Got job. Young couple with child. Will send money next month’.

Joseph woke up early to get dressed the next day. Crisp white shirt and white pants. He hated it. On his first day as a driver, he certainly looked like one. He thought of how as a teenager, he dreamt of being a pilot. His reflection reminded him of how far away he stood from it.
His first day went smoothly. He made his way to the house to hand over the keys that evening and was greeted by Tutu. A young, short, wiry kid with twinkling eyes. He wondered how she managed to reach the doorknob. He handed her the keys and asked her to give them to her father.

Over the years, Joseph took a great liking to the girl. They would…

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